Riving wood is the act of splitting it along the grain, which utilizes the natural strength of the tree as it grew and exploiting the inherent qualities of the material. This violent act of deliberate destruction speaks to the very nature of the creative process. It is essential to the making of an object, and beginning of the inquisitive journey that follows. It's this combination of destruction and exploration that deeply inform the process-based design behind RIVEN.

The simplicity of this approach to materials as well as the belief that clear design is essential to a balanced life are the emergent basis for the work. The objects are born from traditional methods of woodworking and look to the future of function to inform their design choices. This results in hardworking objects that fit comfortably in the everyday.

We believe in honest design, thoughtfully sourced materials, and sustainable production practices. Our work is made from sustainably harvested lumber grown right here Vermont and protected with durable environmentally friendly finishes that highlight the natural beauty and grain of the material.

RIVEN was founded by Matthew Hastings in 2013 in Burlington, VT.