We take care in selecting the highest grade hardwoods for our work, using exclusively species native to The Northeastern US. Sugar Maple, White Ash, Red Oak, and Black Cherry come exclusively from the woods of New England, while Black Walnut doesn’t grow abundantly here, nor is it of consistent quality. For this reason we source ours from the Midwestern US.


We believe that function and form are equally important and endeavor to express them equally in all of our work. Firstly, we explore the environment in which it will exist, identify the need it will address, and begin looking at the relationship between the two. The next step is to create a real-life scale model from which we can quickly iterate upon. Once we’ve reached pleasing proportions and relationships between the various elements we begin digital modeling to further refine, embellish, and harmonize the design.

We then gather materials and begin the work of milling and joining. Special care is taken in choosing boards, with an eye towards utilizing the natural character of the grain in a way that creates harmony and flow within the piece. This step is not to be underestimated, and is one of the keys to creating truly beautiful work.

All of this is done in our Burlington, VT workshop, where we employ traditional methods of construction and joinery, and build each piece one at a time. With the proper love, care, and maintenance our work will last for generations, becoming more beautiful with age and use.


Our studio uses the most environmentally friendly, durable finishes available. Our clear finishes are water-based, Ultra-Low-VOC and sprayed with low volume equipment that maximizes coverage. Our oil finishes and stains contain no VOCs, and are hand applied.