The Juañita Stool


Introducing Juañita, a versatile accent piece rooted in Vermont's rural practicality. In the days before mechanized milking, farmers needed a simple seat to carry with them as they moved from cow to cow milking by hand. This style of stool evolved as a humble, functional design solution to that need.  Three legs offered stability on uneven barn floors, while the lightweight materials and sturdy construction stood up to long hours of work and heavy use, day in and day out.

Our riff on this classic New England archetype is crafted from sustainably harvested, Vermont-grown White Ash. The legs are hand shaped and joined to the solid Ash seat via wedged mortise + tenon, a wood-on-wood joint known for its stability and longevity. We dip the legs in high quality acrylic pigments for a pop of color, and then finish each stool with a natural, low-VOC water-based lacquer.


Although great as occasional seating, the Juañita Stool really shines as an accent piece bringing a pop of color, and geometric interest to any room.  It works especially well in small groupings: some plant stands by a window, or as a trio of low tables. The 18" version is wonderful as a home for your laptop or tea next to the sofa. The 12" version is great for the little ones: low, sturdy, durable.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, we named this stool after our beloved white pickup truck, Juañita. She's been with us on many adventures, and carried all the wood that goes into the things we make. She's hardworking and reliable. We thought it would be a fitting tribute. Long live Juañita!