Gonter Record Cabinet


A cross pollination of two early RIVEN furniture pieces -the Baumann Cabinet, and the Gonter Desk- this cabinet draws design inspiration from each. The choice of materials and detailing harken to the desk built a few years ago for a favorite client. Six cube compartments store up to eighty 12" LPs each, and have setback dividers (a detail from the Baumann Cabinet) which prevent them from slumping and warping. The open upper shelf will serve as a home for several beloved Hi-Fi components, as well as small amount of 45rpm singles. The top surface will hold a vintage, German turntable. Allowance was made behind the lower shelves for cable management and a power conditioner -an essential piece of equipment for a pure signal.


Built out of Black Cherry and Sugar Maple harvested right here in the great state of Vermont. Solid wood joinery has been used throughout this heirloom piece ensuring a long journey into a future filled with the joyful enjoyment of music. A particular point of interest are the the Bridal Joints used at the corners of the two thick Maple bands that wrap around the entire case.