Norris Dining Table


A custom designed dining table built entirely from White Ash.  The top is a solid mass of 1.75" thick boards 3 feet wide by 8 feet long. The substantial weight of this top is visually lightened by a significant bevel on the underside. When viewed from above the it reads as a thin, crisp plane, seeming to almost float in space. A pair of angled cleats keep the top level, and support the legs which splay out towards the corners. Each leg is threaded into the cleat, and is easily unscrewed at times when the table needs to be transported. Finished with a light, clear, water-based lacquer giving the piece a soft, luminous presence in the room.



Created for a young couple -both artists and graphic designers- the Norris Table balances their desire for an heirloom piece of furniture with the reality of their current life situation. Living in a rental, they need a dining table that is easy to move when they do. It also needed to exist harmoniously with a curated collection of design objects, art books, and furniture,